• 06 06 2023

Georgian Milk Mark Dairies in Force at Festival

The annual Tbilisi Cheese Festival organized by Anna Mikadze-Chikvaidze, the Head of the Cheese Producers Guild was held at Mtatsminda Park on June 4th, 2023 showcasing products of Georgian dairy producers.

Seven dairies with the Georgian Milk Mark (GMM) - Milkeni, Tsintskaro +, Gandza Milk, Bebo’s Kveli, Leanka, Naturaluri Rdzis Gemo, Tsivis Kveli and Marita presented their products at the event. Visitors tasted their cheese and learnt about the GMM.  

Created in 2019,  twenty-five dairies are currently using the mark. GMM cheese is now available in twenty-four mainstream supermarket chains across Georgia. Information about each enterprise is uploaded on the www.georgianmilk.ge website which allows consumers to look up the products they are buying using a unique registration number printed on the label.

‘Consumers are asking us if we have the Georgian Milk Mark. Most of consumers are now looking for the mark when they shop and grocery and small shop owners are asking if we have the  GMM mark. ’ - stated the owner of the Marita cheese factory, who has recently applied for the mark.